Race to Zero Data

The Bakersfield Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative strategy is driven by data-based decision making. At our upcoming Governing Board meeting on 10/28/20, we will be discussing our Race to Zero reports on veterans, individuals who are chronically homeless, youth who are homeless, and homeless individuals who are 65 and older or who have chronic health conditions, […]

Amendment – State CARES Act ESG Round 2 application deadline is now 8 am on October 26

https://bkrhc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/2020-State-ESG-CV-2-Application.pdf State HCD has extended the application deadline for the state CARES Act ESG Round 2 grant, thus the County of Kern will also extend the deadline by one week.  The state CARES Act ESG Round 2 application deadline is now 8:00 am on Monday, October 26, 2021.Please see the attached application to State announced […]

Kern Recovers Nonprofit Grant Program

Nonprofit entities play an important role in supporting our local economy, addressing unmet needs of the most needy in our society, and improving the quality of life in Kern County. Many of these entities rely on fundraisers and donations which have been eliminated or greatly reduced due to COVID-19. This program is designed to support […]

BKRHC HHAP Gaps Analysis Report

The purpose of this report is to provide a brief analysis of homeless services and funding needs to help inform the Bakersfield Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative (BKRHC), County of Kern, and City of Bakersfield in prioritizing uses for the new State Homeless Housing Assistance and Prevention Program (HHAP) block grant. https://bkrhc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Gaps-Analysis-Report.pdf

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