BFZ: Using High-Quality Data and Case Management to Reduce Homelessness

In January 2020, the Bakersfield-Kern Regional Homeless Collaborative (BKRHC) received national recognition and was named among an elite group of just five communities in the country that have achieved and sustained functional zero for chronic homelessness.

This achievement does not mean that there are zero people experiencing homelessness in our community. 

“Functional zero” means that, at any given time, fewer than three people in a population are experiencing homelessness. Populations include groups of individuals with a shared characteristic, such as youth, veterans or chronic homelessness. The population we’ve achieved functional zero for, chronic homelessness, is defined as impacting people who live with a documented disability and have experienced homelessness for more than one year, or multiple times over the past three years. 

What we’ve learned along the way has not only transformed our current approach to addressing homelessness maxicool gardening gloves phone caseself bar 600 schadelijkotterbox phone case, but also given us a vision of what is possible. 

This page contains links to information, case studies and press coverage we received following recognition of sustaining functional zero for chronic homelessness.

Bakersfield-Kern County Built for Zero Data

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